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Newsletter Responses

Lessons We Learn From Animals

"Animals were once, for all of us, teachers. They instructed us in ways

of being and perceiving that extended our imaginations,

that were models for additional possibilities."



The above quote is one of my favorites.  I have loved animals all my life and am endlessly fascinated with them. I thought it would be fun for us to share what lessons we've learned from animals?  I often write about this sort of thing in my blog.

Scooby & Persistence

The cute little dog above is my Scooby.  I'll write more in the forums but Scooby has taught me the value of persistence!  He is a persistent little guy and goes by the philosophy that it never hurts to ask (beg) and if you don't get what you want, keep at it!  Here's a funny example of me trying to paint and Scooby not leaving me alone until I give him a chew bone!  

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