How to Order a Custom Horse or Pet Portrait by Sue Steiner of Free Rein Art Studio. 

Sue Steiner, pet portrait artist

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1. Choose a Canvas Size

     See Price list for standard sizes. 


2.  Pick an Art Medium 

  • Oil

  • Watercolor

  • Mixed - Colored Pencil/ Pastel 

3. Give me your Deadline Date 


4. Send me photos by any of the       following:

5. Send a deposit to reserve your spot on my waiting list.  (I waive this for repeat clients)  

  • PayPal   or

  • I can create a custom listing on Etsy.   (look for the Request Custom Order  tab mid way down on the left.) or

  • Mail the deposit

  • Contact me

  **I can help you decide medium       and size also.  If you'd like               help with that, please

     contact me with your phone           number.