How to Order a Custom Horse or Pet Portrait by Sue Steiner of Free Rein Art Studio. 


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1. Choose a Canvas Size

     See Price list for standard sizes. 


2.  Pick an Art Medium 

  • Oil

  • Watercolor

  • Mixed - Colored Pencil/ Pastel 

3. Give me your Deadline Date 

Painting time varies on the complexity of your painting, the art medium used, size of the artwork, shipping location and time of year.  Typically the holidays are my busiest time so order early if possible.   Under average circumstances it takes me 3-4 weeks to complete a commission.  If you have a tight deadline, please let me know ahead of time so I can see if I can meet that.   I also offer gift certificates if you want a pet portrait as a gift but time is tight.  Also don't be afraid to just ask.... I accommodate if at all possible.  

4. Send me photos by any of the       following:

5. Send a deposit to reserve your spot on my waiting list.  (I waive this for repeat clients)  

  • PayPal   or

  • I can create a custom listing on Etsy.   (look for the Request Custom Order  tab mid way down on the left.) or

  • Mail the deposit

  • Contact me

  6. All artwork is 100% guaranteed.  You will be sent a final image of your painting by email for final approval prior to shipping and before balance is due. 


**I can help you decide medium       and size also.  If you'd like               help with that, please

     contact me with your phone           number.