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Above all,
Keep it Simple.

I like working in different art mediums (materials) but I also know that may be confusing as far as how to choose if you don't have a strong preference.   Here are some of the attributes of each type to help you decide.  If this art mumbo jumbo is too much information for you,  just shoot me an e-mail and I can either guide you thru it or look at your photos and give my recommendation.  My goal is always to make this an enjoyable and easy, non-complicated experience for you and to provide you with a piece of art you (or the gift recipient) will treasure for many, many years.  

How to Choose the Type of Art Medium for your Pet Portrait


  • vibrant, rich color

  • expressive

  • visible brushstrokes

  • not overly detailed, 'painterly' 

  • painted on canvas or board

  • hung with or without frame (canvas sides are painted) 

  • contemporary to traditional in look, adaptable

  • suitable for small to life sized paintings


  • softer, lighter feel & look

  • more detailed 

  • more translucent and transparent colors 

  • needs to be matted and framed under glass

  • softer more gentle, more 'sensitive' appearance than my oils

  • Best suited for smaller portraits- 11 x 14 and under

Mixed Media

  • more detailed

  • more colorful, 'solid' appearance with opaque colors vs transparent watercolor

  • style can vary from fun/expressive to more realistic

  • must be matted and framed under glass

  • best suited for portraits 11 x 14 and under

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Tips on Taking Photos of your Pet or Horse

To Order a Pet Portrait 

Sue at easel in art studio
calico cat pet portrait
large scale custom horse art
custom horse & rider watercolor
dog pet portrait
arabian horse, watercolor
custom stall signs
gifts for the horse and pet lover
cocker spaniel colored pencil drawin
Van Gogh lilies
2 horse oil painting
custom barn sign
farm animal art
Outdoor mural at Lehman's in Kidron,
pet portrait & animal art collage
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