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Special Offer to Benefit Your Favorite Rescue!

I have done many benefits for animal rescues and charities in the past and think that is an important aspect of my work... but have struggled to do it in a way that does not create more work for the animal organization and does not take me too far out of line with what I am already doing..... and doesn't necessarily ask me to just give my art away. I donate to organizations but am most comfortable offering that to organizations I already have a relationship with and not from chain letters or emails because believe me, I get asked to donate often for benefits - all artists do which is not my favorite way to help because I don't know them, they don't know me and I can't be sure it really benefits anyone or anything. Some may be wonderful organizations, mind you, but I think I have found a way that keeps my business sustainable and can help.

I am thinking this may be sustainable and helpful because:

1. I can provide a product that has value to the recipient. Most of my work is commissioned work- memorial pet portraits, horse and rider portraits, large scale custom horse oil paintings - custom portraits of your special pet or horse is more meaningful and I understand that!

2. Doesn't undervalue my work or the work of the rescue.

3. Gives flexibility to the donor. You can choose who to benefit from this offer! Very important!

4. Keeps the relationships in tact - donor / rescue and client / artist. That way the responsibility to research a reputable organization falls on the donor and allows them to be loyal to who they likely already contribute to and keeps me out of their business. :) I then can contract with my client for their custom artwork and let the rescue spend their time rescuing.

So I have come up with this special offer. I have made a deadline for April 1, 2017 as of right now so I can test it out to see if people will use it before I make it a permanent offer. So far so good- have a nice but not overwhelming list of commissions and this time of year is a prime time for me- bad weather keeps me in and my busiest time of the year is behind me (at the holidays I am happily up to my eyeballs painting!!). So now I am ready to broaden my offer and extend it to you to share as you wish. The actual flyer wording is pasted below. I have made a colorful download of the flyer here: - (mid page)

if you'd like to print it off and post it or share with your favorite rescue or charity.

Free Rein Art Studio special offer on Pet Portraits

Commission Artwork and Support Your Rescue

Here’s how:

  1. Go to to see price list and artwork examples. Choose artwork size and medium (oils, watercolor or mixed media).

  2. Send your favorite rescue or charitable organization a donation. I am suggesting 25% of the price of the artwork but the amount is up to you.

  3. Contact Sue Steiner at and send:

  4. Confirmation of donation

  5. Photos of your pet or horse

  6. Size and medium of artwork (I can help with this also if you’d like help in what to choose).

  7. Any specific deadline dates (birthday etc.)

  8. Your donation will be considered my deposit. The balance of the 25% off price and shipping is due upon your final approval of artwork. Upon receipt of payment artwork is shipped.

Donation to rescue and commissioning of the artist must be done prior to April 1, 2017. Artwork may be completed after this date depending on artist’s waiting list.

For questions or comments contact Sue Steiner at

Custom Pet Portraits by Sue Steiner, Free Rein Art Studio

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