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Horse, Dog and Cat Rescue Benefits and Fundraisers Asking for Artwork Donations

I get asked often to donate artwork for various animal rescue organizations. I love supporting rescues I have a prior relationship with but also don't want to exclude new people I haven't met trying to make a difference. It is not always possible for me to donate completed artwork BUT I do have a way to help rescues looking for donations and fundraising.

Animal Rescues: Refer a new client for a custom pet portrait or horse painting commission to me and I will accept notification of a donation to your rescue in place of my usual 25% deposit. All I require is something from the rescue stating a donation was made and I will give them 25% off of a custom pet portrait. I normally require 25% down as a deposit when someone orders a commission so instead of the client paying the deposit to me, they can make a donation of any amount (I don't need to know the amount, only that they donated to you) to their favorite rescue and I will consider that donation to replace my 25% deposit. So they donate to you and are eligible for 25% off a custom oil, watercolor or mixed media pet portrait from me.

I even have a pdf form you can use for your fundraising. Share it on your web site. Send it in a mailing. Make it into a flyer.

My busy time for pet portraits begins in late summer thru the holidays so please give me lots of notice if this is a gift for the holidays. This offer is excluded during the months of Oct. Nov. and Dec. so order early for holiday gifts! I work from a waiting list and go thru the list in the order in which people place an order for a commission. The time it takes to complete a portrait varies on my waiting list. I would be glad to answer any questions or to chit chat about this with a client, donor or rescue.

My contact info. is on my home page about halfway down.

Thank you!

Sue Steiner

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