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Reworking Fails


Reworking Fails

I have a couple commissions in the works but can't show them publicly yet since they are surprise gifts so wanted to share this fun one. It started off as a failed poured painting. I poured too much paint which created uneven drying and caused the painting to crack. If you are a purist, this is bad. I actually liked the effect (crack does not effect the stability or structure of the painting.) I have been using my failed poured paintings as backgrounds for abstract paintings so thought I'd share the process- and give you a visual of how something may initially look like a 'fail', can become something else entirely. I love this about art. I love that mistakes can become avenues to new discoveries. I think when we approach life with this same attitude we will find that what may feel like a setback, failure, or mistake can actually be a way to discover new insight.

pretty horse in sunlight by Sue Steiner

I remember years ago being crushed when my 1st marriage failed but now looking back, I can see it was the best thing that could have happened as it allowed my life to be reworked into something so much better. I was young and felt the rejection as a bitter failure. I struggled terribly. I would tell my younger self now to not think of life's failures as an end point, but as an opportunity to rework life and learn. I would tell my 20 something self that other good things will open up. It's okay to feel sad about endings but endings are also new beginnings.

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations

My advice would be to always strive to build each other up. Your life and contributions are too important to the whole. Believe that for yourself and believe it for other people. Be an encourager. Reframe how you view failures and give yourself the grace to feel what you feel, but also reach for the new beginning that is dangling in front of the recent ending. It is there. It always just need to reach and hold on to hope.

horses in the mist photography by Sue Steiner

Below is a visual example of reworking a fail.

Reworking a fail 1

Reworking a fail 2

Reworking a fail 3

Reworking a fail 4

Reworking a fail 5

Reworking a fail 6

I ended up liking the cracks and extra texture so much I went on to do several more paintings with a surface like this intentionally because I liked the effect. What may be first seen as the biggest flaw, can become a great asset. Just take some time to picture it in a different way...give yourself time to 'rework' things and most of all, don't beat yourself up over mistakes, rejections or what is thought to be a failure.

Other paintings with a 'cracked and 'failed' surface.

abstract horse painting

abstract horse painting by Sue Steiner

Above Painting for sale here.

large abstract horse painting by Sue Steiner


Ginger Cat Portrait by Sue Steiner


Large abstract horse art by Sue Steiner


As always, thank you for sharing and pinning.

happy trails! Sue

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