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3 Cat Portrait in Oils, at the beginning

Cat Portrait in Oil, a work in progress by Sue Steiner

Missy Kitty and Friends Mural ‘work in progress’

I have begun a 3 cat portrait in oils and am posting the first painting sessions or so as I get started with this.  It is a 16 x 20 cradle board which wooden boxed sides so the edges can be stained or painted for a very clean  look.  The first photo is just after I’ve toned the board and have very roughly drawn in the basic shapes to decide where to put everyone.  As you can see I ended up changing the position of the cat on the right.  I wanted a triangular composition and I like how the cat’s faces keep you moving from one to the other but the focus is tight on their faces.  I also love how the ears help to repeat the triangular theme.  I also liked the negative space between the cats. I am going to have the background dark with fairly dramatic lighting.  I thought of how a cat’s eyes are so mesmerizing.  I am really hoping to get them to really stand out in this painting.

Its always kind of scary showing paintings at this very rough stage.  I know I can ‘see’ where I am going but thats not always so clear for a viewer.  Hopefully you’ll hang in there and watch this develop.   I guess I should add too that I am not one who plans out my paintings from start to finish.  I have a general idea and direction and then like to let it develop. 

I included the most recent pic of Miss Kitty and her donkey friends too.  I should be done with this mural shortly.  I need to do some refining to the middle donkey and can then call it done.

To see finished work please visit my web site at http://www.suesteiner.com/

This week is Sept.’s First Friday.  I feel like it snuck up on me this month but if you are local check out  http:/www.cantonfirstfriday.com for details and then stop by White Horse Studio above Second April Art Galerie and say hi!

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