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A Baby Face!

Work in progress pics below: wet oil paint creates a glare in photos so please check out finished (and dry!!) work on my web site at 🙂

‘Work in Progress’ Oil Painting

I settled on a sweet baby face for today’s painting. I have a colt who is 6 months old and when he was born I could not take my eyes off his beautiful eyes and eyelashes! I was mesmerized and smitten with his sweet baby face, whiskers and long long eyelashes!

I am painting this on a 9 x 12 cradle board in oil paint. I have about an hour into this painting so far– not counting my drawing from last night. I’ll take you thru the steps from this morning. I stopped at this point to let the turpentine and oil paint background dry some so I can get in and do some detail work. What I’ve done up to this point is get the body suggestions in the background and the values in– my darks and lights. I toned this board with a lavender acrylic base which you can see in the last photo from this morning how nicely the burnt sierra, creamy yellows and light lavender look together already. I need to stop and go feed my critters so this is a good stopping point for now.

This is a painting of my friend Brenda and her mini Bucky. Isn’t he cute? I am 90% done… jsut waiting for the paint to dry to add another layer, even out skin tones and do some fine tuning.

To see completed commissions go to

Thanks for stopping by!

Sue Steiner

equine and animal artist

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