• Sue Steiner

A Dandy Day with the Dogs (and Horses)

A Dandy Day with Dogs (and Horses)

Finding Stress- Relief with your pets and the outdoors.

After a busy, noisy, and over stimulating week, this time in the pasture and backyard with my dogs and horses was just what I needed!  And so it appears, is just what the doctor ordered too!  I read this article with 7 Ways to Reduce Anxiety earlier and the advice resonated with me.  I especially love to be outside with my dogs and horses.  I really love it when I combine that time with my love of photography.   Here are some of the resulting photos.  As you can see the dandelions have gone to seed and rather than look upon them as a nuisance and eyesore, I saw them in the lovely sunshine as an enhancement.  There is a life lesson in that as well as I hope I can do the same in other areas of my life when confronted with something that initially can look overwhelming.

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