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A Stress Buster Suggestion

A Stress Buster Suggestion

An Oldie but Goodie!

Remember the days when scribbling was okay?  When the goal was not about staying in the lines or creating something perfect?  When the expectation was not about meeting other’s expectation?  It is likely you don’t remember a time like that.  I can’t say I do.  I am pretty sure though we all have scribbled with crayon, pen or pencil at some point.  We probably got scolded.  We might have even been punished for scribbling way out of the lines- like on the wall or a desk or another piece of furniture. 

Well, I would like to suggest you give scribbling another try.  On paper may be best…but I bet if you give it at least a half-hearted try you will find it quite relaxing and a good stress reliever. 

As much as I hate to impose rules for this ‘out of the lines’ exercise, I will set a few boundaries for those of you who need a bit of structure:

1. Have little to no expectation as to the finished result.  2.  Remember the purpose is to have no real purpose. 3.  Try to have fun with it. 

Now for my instructions.

1.  Get some paper.  Any kind will do. Exceptions: school or work reports, plane tickets, checks.  Don’t use those since that will greatly increase stress later. 2.   Grab some pencils, pens, crayons and/or markers.  I like to use color so I grabbed gel pens and brush pen markers by Arteza.  3.  Scribble.  Occasionally change to another marker, pen or crayon. Scribble, doodle, change things up.  If you see a pattern or color you really like, keep going with it.  4.  That’s it.  If you want to vaguely turn it into something – fine…but don’t make this about making something specific.  It is more about doing something as a freeing, open-ended, stress, busting activity. 

Ready, set, go!!  Enjoy!! 

I will share my scribble tree here.  I started off, a few weeks ago using my gel pens to draw a tree…then a big purple blob somehow got on my unfinished drawing so I began to scribble and had a lot of fun in the process!! 

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