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Advent Art

I am switching gears temporary in order to get an advent art project done for my church, Kidron Mennonite Church so daily paintings may not be as regular until I get this finished. I’ve only got two weeks so I need to get started! I will be making 4 large banners that will be hung each Sunday during advent. This is the 3rd year I’ve done some large scale artwork for advent. Last year’s project involved multi-dimensional panels assembled in what might of appeared random fashion that came together in the end to tell the story of salvation and redemption. A new panel was added each week and my intention was to make it look kind of haphazard and random until the end with the last piece bringing it all together.

Above I found photos of the beginning stage of last year’s project and the final piece added at the very end. I will look for middle stage pics so you can see how it came together. 🙂

This years project is simplier– maybe I am learning NOT to make things so complicated! 🙂 I enjoyed using symbolism in last years piece but much of it was lost without an explanation. I did get a chance to explain in front of the church but I am not much of a public speaker so it may of all come out like jibberish! I like my art to speak for me so thats not always a bad thing… just in this situation I think I went too complicated. So my idea this time around is to make colorful painted fabric banners. The design is more impressionistic and more about colors and texture in a big star filled sky. I think it will be fun– I have never actually painted on fabric before so I am keeping that little bit of anxiety out of the picture right now. I may be having fits later but now I am hopeful!

I will post work in progress pics here on the advent art so you can be along for the ride. 🙂 Wish me luck! Nothing like doing something new in front of an audience and with a tight deadline. Good thing the audience is very forgving. 🙂

Take care!

Sue Steiner

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