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All Horse Parade in Delaware Ohio

What a treat it was yesterday to go to the All Horse Parade in Delaware, Ohio. I enjoyed the company of fellow Ohio equine artists Karen Brenner and Pat Getha. Thank you Pat for the invitation. Pat tempted me by e-mail with beautiful photos she had taken in previous years of this event. She said I would not be disappointed and I was not. It was quite impressive. Karen, Pat and I were taking photos as fast as we could as the stream of beautiful horse walked by. It would be hard to say what was my favorite sight with so much to choose from. There were the cute little mini weanlings, or the pudgy ponies or the elegant freisans or the majestic drafts hitched to the carriages. I laughed at the unicorns and smiled when the mules went by. The draft mule in particular was fun, all round and bulky with ears going this way and that and the ‘putt putt’ of flatulence with each step as he walked by. At least he was nice and relaxed! No stress there.

There were paints and palominos, appys and arabs. I saw big boned and fined boned, sleek and spotted, dressed up and ‘down home’ get ups. It was quite a sight.

I will have enough inspiration and reference material for my equine art to last a very long time!

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