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Amish Art

My Amish neighbor mowed our pasture yesterday with his team of horses to make hay. I have too much grass for my horses so this was a help to both of us. I watched him in the field and when he got to the house end he let the horses rest so I asked him if I could take a picture of his team. I don’t photograph him out of respect but he’s okay with me photographing the horses. I recognize all my Amish neigbors by the horse driving the buggy! He knows I am an artist and often sees my work and tells me stories about the Amish scenes which I enjoy. I am hoping I can get some more draft horse and buggy horse art in before the art festival at Lehman’s.

I mainly work in 3 categories: Amish Art which depicts daily life on an Amish Farm, Animal Art which right now is more focused on farm animals due to the upcoming Lehman’s Art Festival and Equine art which fits into the previous two categories very nicely.

I guess I also really enjoy watercolor florals but am saving that work for the fall festival at Lehman’s in which the theme will be recycled art or the environment. I have in mind to do some watercolor florals mounted on homemade paper and corrogated cardboard. I love this look– all the texture from the paper and cardboard compliments the delicate pedals of the watercolor florals very nicely.

To read more about Lehman’s Local Artisan Festival go to http://countrylife.lehmans.com/ To read artist’s profiles of all the participating artist go to www.kidronarts.com

To see more of my artwork go to www.suesteiner.com or www.amish-art.com

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