• Sue Steiner

Amish Corn Wagon

That paint is still wet on this one. This will be added to my Amish Farm Life Series on my web site http://www.suesteiner.com/thumbnail_list.php?galleryID=9766

I came upon this scene this past October on a beautiful crisp fall day. The sun was bright and sky clear. The colors were so intense I hoped I could capture it in this painting. The boys had just come in from the field and were pulling up along the barn to drop off this wagon and pick up an other, empty one.

As a companion to this piece I have in mind to paint the belgian team pulling the wagon. The warm golds and bronze in the horses out in the field when they are harvesting is truly a feast for your eyes! The thing that is remarkable also is how the horses and people work so beautifully together with the men out of the wagon pulling corn and throwing it on the wagon and directing the horses just by voice command.

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