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Amish Freehand Figure from Life

I sketched this Amish figure out first on location at the weekly Kidron sale barn. I plan on doing more of this for a few reasons.

1. its fun to hang out down there if the weather is nice.

2. its a good practise in self control to NOT come home with more baby goats.

3. I like doing Amish art but want to do it ‘freehand’ on location rather than use reference photos. More detailed work on harness, horses etc. may still require photo references but the figures do not. It is good practise as an artist to paint ‘from life’ or plein air because it needs to be done quickly and the goal is to capture the essense of the scene or person in a limited amount of time. Its a challenge working like this but it is also very fun. I think the artwork will show more life as I become accustomed to it. Painting in Lehman’s during store hours has been good practise for me to be in the midst of people while painting.

4. We live in such a unique and interesting area I draw inspiration from the mix of cultures in Kidron. I want to convey that in my art.

When I am finished with this it will be on sale at Kratzer Furniture on Kidron Rd. You can also e-mail me regarding prices on artwork or for commissions at or visit my web site at

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