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Amish Life

One of the pleasures of living in an Amish community is hearing the stories they tell. My neighbor stops by to use the phone occassionally and when he does we chit chat about this and that. I let him know last time I saw him that Lehman’s will be making a postcard out of one of the murals I painted in their outdoor cafe area. I thought my neighbor would enjoy this since the horse I painted is one of his. I sold him that horse a couple years ago and used one of my photos for the painting. We talked about how the horse will be famous now. It is a little unusual for her to be an Amish horse though since she is white with the name of Shaklana. Shaklana is a purebred arab and El Shaklan is a very well known stud. None of that matters of course to my neighbors. Their teen aged son took a liking to her. I kind of envisioned her to be the ‘sports model’ version of an Amish horse. I had expected her to be renamed and called Betty or Bess or some other Amish sounding horse name but I guess not.

While we were talking about white horses my neighbor told me a story of an Amish buggy being pulled by a white horse passing another Amish buggy pulled by a white horse for the first time. As the story goes the white horse saw the other white horse and shied because up to that point they had not seen that sight before!

So next time you’re in Lehman’s look for Shaklana in the mural and on the postcard! This is a painting I did of her a couple years ago.

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