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And Into the Storm We Go!

Okay, I am being a bit dramatic (aren’t artists known for being dramatic??).  We didn’t go ‘into a storm’ as much as we went about our usual in the midst of the not so usual.  

If you’ve been following me on this blog, you know I am doing some retraining and confidence building with 2 of my horses.  Both of the horses are fairly green and lack confidence and experience.  They both are broke and have been ridden for a few years now as 10 yr. and a 12 yr. Tennessee Walker Mares but both have sat a bit.  I am wanting to fill in the gaps in their training so we can go on long, wonderful trail rides.  Or be sane enough when my grandkids want a pony ride, I can plop them on either mare.  Both are really bonding with me and stepping up to the plate so I am really glad I am doing this – for their sake with a more secure future if I ever have to sell, and for mine.

I have been doing ground work with them and really just working on getting their focus on me and to work calmly and confidently in new situations.  So we are now venturing out away from our comfort zones into the wild blue yonder….okay- not really the wild blue yonder- just the farm fields and woods by where I live.  Or the long, spooky lane with a large plastic bag that flapped in the wind!

Ring Around the Rosy Anyone?  

This evening when I worked the mares, it was gusty and cool with an approaching storm.  You know, the kind of weather that makes even super laid back, bomb proof horses a bit jumpy.  I am adjusting my mindset to see times like this as a great opportunity, instead of trying to avoid training during those ‘non-opportune’ times.  The wind was really kicking up and the sun was setting and dark clouds rolling in.  The horses initially were all bugged eyed, snorty and wild.  I just went about my business and worked on our ground exercises like always– just away from the barn and ‘into the storm’!

Okay, so who is more dramatic?  Artists or horses??  Horses, right?  I mean, they are the ones who see the invisible horse monsters in the far corners of the arenas.  And jump sky high when a little ol’ plastic bag flies by!  Or freaks when the neighbor’s cows grunt on the other side of the pines that line our lane.  I am fairly certain, my horses really believe my neighbor keeps monsters in their corral.  Their corral is on the other side of our lane behind big dark pine trees.  They believe those monsters must have a pretty long reach too because it is even hard, on some days, to walk on the half of the lane closest to this so called neighbor, monster keeper.   Believe me, monster radar was on HIGH alert.

It was actually fun.  I am proud of my horses (and me) as they get braver and I feel confident enough to challenge them a bit.  We are all getting braver and more confident!   Both mares settled into tasks and I could see them finding some security in following my commands in what was a stressful situation for them.  I love the big sighs, on settling in.  I made sure to take time, to just breath into my intention of enjoying these horses!  I sincerely like both of them a lot.  I mean I am enjoying working with them and even though I am missing my riding time, I am seeing this as really good, valuable time for us.

You can read some other posts about working with these horses here: The Slower I Go, The Faster I Get There What I would Give For Some Sun!

I wanted to share with you a new painting I just finished.  

It is listed on Etsy here:  Royalty, 18 x 24 oil with poured paint background, on canvas

Thanks for stopping by!  

Happy Trails! 

Sue Steiner


Pet Portraits by me!  

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