• Sue Steiner

Art and Hidden Treasures…. using recycled materials

i am in the process of creating a painting i am calling ‘endless summer’ in order to bring the color and feel of late summer into my home. i keep thinking as i look at the colors in this painting how it will feel on a typical dark and dreary February in which the sun hasn’t shined in days! i also am creating accessories and furniture using recycled materials to continue with the late summer/ lazy days of summer theme. My intentions are to create functional art out of old or recycled materials to demonstrate how the old can become new. Part of this is to satisfy my need to create and part of it is a statement– to myself and whoever else is interested, that there are hidden treasures in the most unlikely places. Art is all about working with what is all around us– its all about gaining a different perspective. This project also satisfies the part of me that hates shopping– hates even to set foot in Walmart — would much look for these hidden treasures and see them in a new light! I will post pics soon but for now I must paint! You can go to my web site at http://www.suesteiner.com/ and request to be notified of new artwork. I will be posting new photos as well as the paintings and handcrafted accessories as they are finished.

#art #rurallife #recycling #paintings #farm



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