• Sue Steiner

Art Journal

Source: Uploaded by user via Sue on Pinterest

 I had a 16 x 20 illustration board I cut in half, gessoed (or Modge Podge) collaged, folded and varnished for the cover.  I then put added some inspirational verses to the inside cover.

 I have 7 x 10 mixed media paper also modge podged , painted and collaged for interior pages.  I taped them down with painter’s tape to keep them from curling up and to stay in place.

The colors are kind of cheerful and bright (where I want to be going) but the subject matter is dark and sad. I am using this as a way to express and heal from a loss.  This represents the veil over my eyes.  I can’t see the bigger purpose in this loss right now but believing there is more than I can know right now to this story.  I am listening, watching but have no words.  Asking God to lift the veil from my eyes.

For complete instructions go to : https://amulti-coloredlife.blogspot.com/2013/04/how-to-make-art-journal.html

Sue Steiner



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