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My farrier was out last night to work on Boomerang’s feet. They were pretty chipped and seedy looking but already have improved tremendously. I had to have him come back because last week I couldn’t get the halter on Boomer. The old ratty halter she came with was replaced with a new one which fell off in the pasture. She allows me to walk up to her, pet and handle her while she is loose but do you think she’d let me get anywhere near her with a halter– heck no!

I decided since she is in much better shape physically than even a couple or so weeks ago I was not going to push this halter thing – you know- win the battle but not the war? I want to win the war with her so I took it slow and was rewarded with a great response from her. (Thank you farrier for understanding this too!) She is expecting bad things when she gets caught so I have to let her know I consistently will not result in bad things. I am the bearer of good things for her! By taking it slow she stood well for the farrier and also did not try to evade me in the stall. I am getting a head hanging out the door when I come near. Something is clicking inside of her and this is fun to see!

I was telling my farrier Boomer does fine as long as you act like you’ve got all the time in the world. She can sense an ‘agenda’ and is ultra sensitive to any pressure. But I am rewarded with a horse who I can lead with a feather. She is as gentle as the day is long. There is not a pushy bone in her body. I just have to throw any set time frame out the window because slower is faster and faster will backfire.

I often think of Boomer as having an artistic temperament– the soul of an artist if that’s possible with a horse? Sweet and kind and dreamy but not so easily understood. One who does not fit in well with the world’s agenda- goes against the tide.

As I held her for the farrier he commented on a jagged scar she has on her hip. I explained she was in a trailer accident as a 2 or 3 yr old. I had sold her as a yearling to a show home. They were trailering to a show when they heard a racket in the back. They stopped to see to their horror the divider in their trailer buckled and the sharp metal had gouged Boomer on her rump. They couldn’t get her out so had to drive a ways to get help. I can’t imagine that ride. They said the indie of the trailer looked like a horror film.

I looked over the other scars on Boomer’s body– the scars on her legs from the fence accident at the second owner’s place. I thought also how strikingly beautiful she is in spite of these scars– even though her initial lot in life was to be a halter horse. That route was quickly ended after the trailer accident and the scar on her hip.

Fortunately the scars have been from flesh wounds. Physically she is not hindered by her accidents but emotionally she remembers. And she still wants so badly to please. Its just that she doesn’t very easily fit into closed, tight spaces. She is a wide open, give me escape routes kind of horse.

Just like an artist– can’t define ’em and can’t confine ’em! And can’t keep ’em on a tight time frame! 🙂

Please check out another rescue horse at http://cedarknolldrafthorses.blogspot.com/

I am coordinating a drawing for an original draft horse painting in oils as a way to raise money for Norman. Please pass this along to others and check back often. I need to finish some commissions (my agendas!) and then will do this new painting as a work in progress here.

thank you and God bless!

Sue Steiner

equine and animal artist

a wide open, space kind of girl! 🙂

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