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Artistic Appetite

I was looking over the paintings I’ve done in the last few weeks and thinking of what to do next. I began to think of it as a hunger. What am I yearning for now? Another child’s portrait or a flower, horse, donkey, wildlife? What will satisfy this grumbling inside now? Muted and subdued, serious or colorful, playful and wild? An intricate combination drawing and watercolor that I leave half undone that people seem to like? (Which is fine by me by the way!)* πŸ™‚ Big, small, oil or watercolor? Graphite or color? Am I more hungry for β€˜values’ or β€˜hues’? Strong shapes or gentle suggestions? Crunchy with lots of texture or smooth as silk? Buttery, comfort or spicy, adventure?

* I had some β€˜work in progress’ paintings at my studio to show people considering pet portraits and commissions. Someone came in and bought all my β€˜unfinished’ work. πŸ™‚ Gosh if I had only known that I could of only painted 1/2 way thru and stopped right there!

Oh, so many choices.

I have a couple thing to finish but looking ahead to the next painting. I may β€˜snack’ on a few things in between or wait for the gourmet meal. I’ll let you know whether it was filling, tasty or not enough!

Take care!

Sue Steiner

equine and animal artist

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