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‘Baby Face’, Day 2

Work in Progress Horse Art in Oils

This foal is a fun painting to do! The reference photo is clear, detailed with good lighting which makes all the difference in the world! I am enjoying working with good reference materials. I can see why many pet and equine portrait artists make it a requirement that they use their own photos… often we are given poor, blurry snapshot photos and the challenge is to paint what we can not see. You can do what I am doing with my daughter’s portrait and gather other reference material but then the challenge becomes making the portrait look like ‘them’ not the reference. I have some tips on how to take a good photo to be used for pet portraits on my web site at

I am 2 days into this painting now with maybe 1 1/2- 2 hours actually painting/drawing time- I think. I hate to keep track of time when I paint…. maybe I just should say this is the beginning so check back to see it take shape!

to see my finished work go to

If you are in the Akron/Canton or Wooster area check out my web site for information on my art studio at .

Thanks for stopping by!

Sue Steiner

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