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‘Baby Face’ foal painting work in progress

horse portrait in oils, work in progress

It feels good to be back in the studio painting instead of organizing, cleaning and moving furniture. I’m enjoying the clean space but have missed painting SO much. I wonder now how I managed stress just 5 years ago before I painted? For me painting is such a wonderful stress reliever I am thankful to have found it.

I am enjoying this foal painting … my colt is 7 months old now and is losing the baby look and is taking on the lanky look of a yearling. My colt Ricco has a wonderful temperment, of which I am so grateful for because he is getting big next to my petite arabs. Ricco is out of my tb mare and the amish neighbor’s beautiful Dutch carriage horse so I think technically he is a warmblood cross even though Amish don’t go thru registries or anything like that. I got to imprint Ricco at birth and I am certain that got us off to a wonderful start. One of my favorite things to do with him– and all my horses is to pet their foreheads between their eyes. My horses all loved to be brushed there too. They lower their heads and just relax and give me big sighs. Or show me where to direct my brush to get their itchy places! While painting this foal I am enjoying the hair swirls on his forehead as it reminds me of this special activity with my own horses.

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thanks for stopping by! Sue Steiner equine and animal artist Kidron, Ohio

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