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This is small, only 6 x 6 on cradle board, painted in oils. I have to get smaller brushes. When painting the murals I accumulated quite a collection of large brushes which are NO help at this size! I need to make some adjustments to her leg, hands and foot (what else is there!! 🙂 ) This is after yesterday’s painting session. I enjoy doing some figurative work and hope to do more. Just like with the horses and animals, when painting people its about gestures, expression and painting bones and muscle. I am not a linear person even in my artwork so you will rarely see buildings or straight lines. Watch for more balleria and people in general in the future. Again, I am doing my drawing directly on the canvas in thinned oil paint. This is a new technique for me and by doing these small paintings a day I feel like it will help to refine what I am envisioning. I enjoy the oils because I can paint thick or thin. My favorite medium for a while had been watercolors. I like the glide and feel of the thinned oils that allow for suggestions of shapes in similar ways I was able to work in watercolors. This has been a great time of discovery and experimentation. I’ve enjoyed as well hearing from those of you following and watching the process. Thank you for your interest.

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