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Bittersweet Horse Moments

This has been an eventful week for me.  I am back full steam working on pet and horse commissions. ( This link will take you to a new blog I am working on. ) It feels good to busy with commissions.  This week I  began reducing my ‘herd’ of 6 horses. This feels bittersweet. 

My art business is growing thankfully.  My kids are active in school, church, sports and social events.  That is good and appropriate for them at this stage in their life. 

2 years ago I owned 3 horses- 2 arabs and a pregnant tb mare.  Not long after I bred my mare I brought back home 2 horses in need.  Boomer was a rescue and Flicka, my daughter’s kid horse who we loaned out to a little girl.  The family moved and couldn’t take horses so Flicka came home again.  I was glad to be able to take them back.  I feel its my responsibility that I do what is right for the horses which for these two mean protecting them from auctions or neglect due to their age or condition. 

All of this added up to a busy, hectic schedule and an over crowded barn once the baby came along. 

This week I placed two horses in new homes.  Flicka was adopted by 2 adorable little girls into a ‘horsey’ family who are aware of her limitations due to age and value her wonderful attributes.  They promise her a forever home.  I got word back that Flicka has settled in well and the girls LOVE her.  I was thrilled this family wanted her and was able to take her into their lives.  The bittersweet moments came in reflecting back to all the wonderful memories I have of time spent with my daughter and Flicka.

The real tough moment came when I sold my 1 1/2 yr old tb/Hackney Horse colt, Ricco.  I’ve only had 4 foals in all my horse years, 3 of which I still owned until yesterday.  Ricco is a beautiful creature with a long graceful neck, big sloping shoulders, athletic, good bone, height, style and topping it off is this sweet, puppy dog personality.  I loved to look at this horse, loved to love on him and just enjoyed his sweet nature and kind of goofy personality.   My heart told me this horse was to be with me forever.  My head though knew that I was not going to be able to give to this horse what was in his best interest at this time in his life. 

When I bred my mare I did not anticipate the extra horses coming back into my care.  I also couldn’t of predicted how my art business was to grow.   My life, my work and my family were heading one way and Ricco’s needs were requiring what I knew realistically would not happen without giving up something. 

Up until last month I was going to make it happen, one way or another.   At my farrier’s regular visit he asked if I was interested in selling Ricco.  The thought never occurred to me because I was his forever home.  I learned more about what my farrier was looking for and his commitment to a young horse.  I could see he was ready and able to give to Ricco what Ricco needed to ensure a good life for a horse ( good care, good training, attention ).  So I made a difficult decision to do what is best for Ricco and for my family and work.  And me even if I don’t want to admit it.  This was hard to do because I love that horse!!!  What makes it easier is I can see my farrier really likes this horse and is ready to open up the time he needs during this critical period in his life.  My farrier sees lots of horses and is offered many to buy.  He’s been looking for several months to find the right one.  He said he knew it was Ricco the first time he saw him.   I thought about what was best for Ricco during the time between his two farrier visits and came to the realization that selling Ricco was a wise decision.  Yesterday was a hard day though.  My husband kept asking me what was I thinking about.  I told him ‘my handsome boy’ and left it up to him to decide which ‘boy’ I was thinking of!  LOL! 

I still have 4 horses who need my care, training and attention so I still have plenty on my horse plate.  I had a great time this fall riding and am hoping to do more riding (and less scooping!!) as soon as the weather breaks.  Riding cures much of what ails me.  I am going to enjoy my riding horses and look forward to seeing Ricco blossom into the great horse I know he is destined to be!   Thats the plan!

Ride on!

Sue Steiner

animal artist

pet portraits

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