• Sue Steiner

Black Lab, Draft Horse Portraits

9 x 12 on cradle board, no framing necessary

The glare from the wet paint obscures the sutble color variations within the shadows so the depth and richness of the oil paint is lost on these photos but hopefully you can still enjoy watching the process unfold.

I am really enjoying the deep shadows on the belgain gelding in the top photo. When the paint dries I will post a close up so you can see the color variations. These big boys are fun to paint because they have this wonderful muscling and lighting. I love the purpley blues and warm golds. They will be set against a clear blue sky and snow covered ground. I can see already how they are gonna pop when the background goes in.

thanks for stopping by!

To see finished work go to http://www.suesteiner.com

If you enjoy these ‘work in progress’ pics I invite you also to subscribe to this blog. I really appreciate being able to put my work up and know there is an audience. 🙂 So much of creative work is solitary so it is nice to have this tool to share. If you are in the Kidron or Canton area stop by my web site to see where you can see painting demonstrations or my open art studio days.

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© Copyright 2023. No animals were harmed in the making

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