• Sue Steiner

Boomer, the Rescue Horse Update

Boomerang, Summer of 2009

I posted the link above a couple times in the last day or so on facebook horse rescue sites wanting to share the joys of taking in a rescue.  I reread thru these older posts and thought an update On my most recent rescue horse is due. 

  Boomer, short for boomerang because she kept coming back… came to stay permanently with me April 09 after I rescued her for the second time from a bad situation.  She is a full blooded, professionally trained and shown, well put together, healthy horse who TWICE has found herself in situations in which she was needed rescued.  I do like to say at this point I am careful who I sell my horses too and each time thought long and hard as to whether she was a good fit but in each case life happens and things change and she took the brunt of it.  I won’t go into all that she’s been thru… its written in the link but I will say by helping this horse I have been so richly rewarded in understanding myself.  Its been healing for me to help her heal.

I also am a trauma survivor and like Boomer hurtful destructive things have happened in my life and have been burned into my psyche.  I grew up in a home with severe domestic violence and in many ways grew up in a war zone but this is not about my history other than how it relates to helping a creature, who thru no fault of her own,  found herself at the mercy of the people who were supposed to care and protect her. 

Day 1