• Sue Steiner

Buggy Barn Painting

On Saturday I will be painting a fox similar to the one I just posted on this blog the other day on my easel at Lehman’s. The Buggy Barn is being used for a meeting in the middle of the day so I will be in the store with my easel painting instead. The cafe will be having its grand opening so I may be in that general area. I want to arranged the fox once he’s completed in the Buggy Barn so he looks as if he is trying to pounce on the roosting hens that are in various stages of being painted — but place the fox far enough away so the hens have lots of time to get away! 🙂 I don’t want to paint feathers flyng all over the place! I do like the pose and the expression on this fox since he looks pretty intent on something!

My son is asking to bake some apple crisp with me as soon as I finish here. I love this time of the year! Fresh apples, cool nights, no flies! I got to ride yesterday and it was SO nice. My horses did so good even though this has been a very busy summer for me and I have not ridden near as much as I usually do. They like getting the apple peelings from the apple crisp too as a treat for good behavior! Well they would probably like the apple crisp as well but hey, I got to draw the line somewhere!

The sketch I am posting today is of a thoroughbred mare and foal I drew while on vacation a couple months ago. Maybe this will be what I have to look forward to this spring! A foal and baby goats since my doe will be visiting the neighbors buck this fall!

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