• Sue Steiner

Buggy Barn Update

I spent several hours in the buggy barn last week. Did some painting and a whole lot of talking! I am enjoying meeting everyone. Thank you all for showing an interest in this project. I think it is going to be fabulous when it gets done so I hope you keep checking things out. I think too, that as I get just a little further along I can talk less because the room and the murals will speak for themselves. There is still lots of blank space in there but I’m working on it! I’ve begun to bring in props and tools which are a fun addition. Maybe you can guess as to what all the items are used for!

You can’t see well from this photo but there is a painted on corn cob I am quite proud of. I put actual corn cobs on the beam but the one in the middle is painted. I’ll see if I can get a clear shot next time. Or stop by and tell me what you think! Or you could watch me on http://www.youtube.com/ Keep your eye on Lehman’s Country Life Blog http://countrylife.lehmans.com/ because they’ll be video taping me soon to put up on YouTube.

Don’t forget to stop by my website too! http://www.suesteiner.com/ I have another domain that is easy to remember. It is http://www.amish-art.com/ so tell your friends!




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