• Sue Steiner

Bull Painting ‘Work In Progress’

by Sue Steiner

I have the distinct pleasure the last few weeks of painting this unique and impressive animal! I love painting all types of animals– I’ve done wildlife, pets, horses, a whole assortment of farm animals, birds, amphibians and dinsosaurs (I have a son who requested the last two!). I’ve painted life sized to little 4 x 4 in. squares. Each one is a challenge and a pleasure. I am maybe 80% done with Captain Butler. Obviously once I get the eyes in his face will look more ‘normal’. He’s got what looks like amber colored eyes so I want to retain the lightness in this area so am waiting to add the details to his face until later.

He is a rare breed of cattle that originates in Africa called a ‘watusi’. He is owned by Rodney Barnhart from Workin’ On it Ranch.

Thanks for stopping by. My goal is to complete this painting before my move into my new studio. Stay tuned for more updates!

Happy Trails!


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