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Cat Art- Daily Painting

‘Wild Thing’, cat in oils by Sue Steiner

11 x 14

I like to do these fast daily paintings in between pet commissions and portraits. I find them relaxing and fun and I am also beginning to see from my studio that my looser work seems to be well received.

I like working with a limited palette in oils and using nice thick paint and bold brushstrokes. I try to pare down to the essence with life and movement but not get overly fussy. That’s the goal anyways! This will be for sale at my studio and my Etsy shop. Just give me a day or so to get it where it needs to be.

Now just to think of a name…. how about Wild Thing? As I painted this I was thinking how our cuddle bug house cats still retains those beautiful lines and marking similar to their wild relatives. I’ve got a big ol’ house cat Moses, who never set a foot outside but who still lives on the wild side… even if its only in his own mind! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

equine and animal artist

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