• Sue Steiner

Cat Art- Daily Painting in Progress

The place to start any kind of portrait is to have a model in which to paint. Today I wanted to do a daily painting to warm up for a cat commission I will begin soon. So who better to have ‘pose’ as my cat model than Moses, our tabby. I will post a series of photos in which my son is helping to get the right ‘pose’- no easy feat with a rag doll cat! Just so you know– no cat was harmed in the process! In fact he was purring very loudly. Moses was hand raised and bottle fed as a very very young kitten after being rescued from our barn while we lived on our working farm. He is one of those cats you could hang by his feet and he would purr! We haven’t done that… but my kids were quite young when Moses came into our lives so he has been dressed in doll clothes, carried around like a baby and pretty much cuddled and touseled every which way with him purring very loudly all along!

I will post my Moses painting later but for now you can see our photo session.

Take care!

Sue Steiner

dog, cat and horse portraits in oil

#catportraits #colorfuldogpainting #colorfulhorseportrait #petportraits

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