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Cat Portrait in Oils, Step 2

I got a chance to do a little more work on this painting. This is a memorial pet portrait of a much loved , big, orange tabby named Carl. His owner tells me he was bursting with personality and a wonderful companion. My hope is that this painting will help ease the ache that we all have felt over the loss of a beloved pet.

At this point I am just laying down my road map of lights and darks. I’ve got deep blues for darks and heather greys, light orange cad. for lights. Burnt Sienna is what the canvas has been toned with. This cat has the most amazing ginger colored eyes. I’ve not gotten to that part yet as you can see above! Looks just a tad spooky right now but it won’t stay like that for long.

I liked this pose because it reminds me of my own cat finding a ‘perch’ to watch all the activity from with an all knowing expression on his face!

To see finished work go to or to inquire about commissioning me for a portrait e-mail me at or stop by my studio in Canton above Second April Art Galerie.

Take Care!

Sue Steiner

equine and animal artist

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