• Sue Steiner

Clean Sweep!

~This is one of my photos.  I liked this quote- seems fitting~  

Finally the cleaning bug has hit me!  I am actively sorting thru closets, drawers and those nooks and crannies that things just seem to collect!  I have also begun to clean my studio in a way I have not done before.  I collected artwork that I had scattered around the house, packed it up and am donating the whole kit and kaboodle to a couple equine rescues or equine-assisted therapy programs.  I can not tell you how freeing this feels!  I have gone thru so many stages with my art.  I have quietly created at home.  I have publicly painted and promoted in a busy store.  I have rented studio space in our local arts district and was active in all that that meant.  I have sold online in a multitude of ways.  I burned out from selling my art and doing commissions.  I had a LONG dry spell and now, I am back!!  Yah!!!

The studio ‘cleanse’ seemed to have this effect of making room to create again.  In this process I am circling around to an old favorite – pastels and mixed media.  I made a carrying case and I take things to draw with me and I am enjoying it immensely!  I also am enjoying the idea of helping a couple really good organizations with my art and I am enjoying NOT trying to sell art.  LOL!  Isn’t that just like an artist, though?  To find ways to NOT make money from what we do!  This may change in time but for now I like just drawing and painting for the sheer enjoyment.  And the artwork I ‘collect’ has a home with the charities I am supporting.  So its all good!!

Next week I start a new job (non art related) which I am really excited about.  I have decided for now to just have my art as a way to relax and unwind in the evenings and  if it does that as well as possibly helping others this is worth more to me than the money, time and effort it takes to market art.

I am now heading to my studio to enjoy the next few days before my new job begins.  Creating again feels GOOD!!!  Take care!

  Sue Steiner





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