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Cocker Spaniels painting, Lucy and Rosie

Cocker Spaniel Oil Painting, a work in progress

There is quite a contrast now between the roughed in dog on the right and the nearly completed buff cocker on the left.  I seem to be going from warm layers to cool layers and back again as I layer this painting.  Right now the buff cocker is definitely more in the cool tones.  After this layer dries I will be bringing more warm tones in again.  I am  beginning to like the spark that is developing in the eyes.  I also am wanting to convey the feeling of softness in their coats. 

The owner of these two dogs wanted them to be painted with their ‘happy’ expressions.  Cockers have those expressive puppy dog eyes but hopefully the smile and bubbliness is shining thru too.

We are experiencing Indian summer here in NE Ohio.  Oh it was lovely today!  I am getting my barn ready for winter. After spending most of the summer out on the pasture my horses are getting back into the rountine of coming into the barn every day to be fed, groomed and ridden.  Since I have lots of pasture we use the run in shed for the warmer months.  The horses like this too but once the mud and cold come and the grass leaves they need to be fed inside.  So along with the change in the season so is there a change in our schedules.  I had to deal with some rambuctiousness today from my yearling I think in part because of the change in rountine and the cool invigoriating weather.  I am reminded that just like this painting is developing layer by layer so does a horses training– small baby steps, consistent handling and ‘shaping’ the environment and expreinces to keep them gently progressing. 

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