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colors of summer…. floral art

Gerber Daisies, 16 x 20 acrylics

Its funny how colors and images can bring back seemingly unrelated memories. I painted these flowers today while on my deck. Its a beautiful summer day. After I painted this it definitely brought back memories of sailing on Lake Erie when my husband and I were dating. I know it is a painting of flowers! I looked at the painting more closely and realized the triangular composition, the bluish greens and the bright reds and orange likely brought about the association to the sails on the sailboats, summer time and sparkling water as the light reflected off the lake. Those are happy summer time memories for sure! Water, beach, sun, breeze… ahhh summer time!

This month I will be featuring new floral art in my studio in addition to my usual animal and equine art. I am itching to get back to my southwest style horse painting now that it has had time to set up so stay tuned to see how that shapes up.

I also will likely begin a cat pet portrait in the next few days. This is a memorial portrait of a big orange tabby with a beautiful ruff and the kindest ginger-y eyes. I am really looking forward to painting this one too.

Thanks for stopping by! Sue Steiner animal and equine artist pet portraits florals in oils and acrylics

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