• Sue Steiner

Conquering Spring Overwhelm II

Spring Heebie-Jeebies

Spring on the farm means mud, dirty houses, shedding animals, cloudy days and did I mention mud?  Lots of mud!  My dogs and horses are shedding dirt bombs.  My garage is full of mud tracked in by human and animal feet.  Things are beginning to wake up- trees are budding, hormones are raging – I have mares- not speaking for myself!! 🙂 And there is mud.  The soft squishy ground makes for less turnout for horses which equate to an overabundance of energy in our beloved equines.

What is also waking up is my desire to ride.  So I wrote in an earlier blog how I was easing my spring overwhelm by doing some things with my horses to get them back in the groove of things.  Anyone with horses knows they get the spring heebie-jeebies.  Today is warm with a pretty brisk wind so the horses’ heebie-jeebies were in high gear!  I had them in the barn due to the soft squishy ground.