• Sue Steiner

Creating From Discarded Materials DIY

Creating From Discarded Materials DIY

Trash to Treasure… 

or at least a whole lot of fun for not much money! 

I cleaned my studio.  What does an artist do when they clean their studio?  They rummage thru all their art materials and create something from it!  I collected a whole big stack of paper when I cleaned.  I have a paper shredder so I shredded it….and thought there has got to be SOME WAY I CAN USE THIS paper?

Those words often get me in trouble when it comes to space in my art studio…. artists can imagine ways to use just about anything that other people view as useless or trash.  I am good at seeing possibilities.  I do that with people too.  I do that with animals.  I do that with trash.  🙂  I do that in thrift stores, hardware stores, flea markets, garage sales…

Below are a few samples of things I have created from discard materials….