• Sue Steiner

Daily Painting Twice Over

I had painted this horse as a daily painting back in Oct. or Nov. It was done as a study in monochromatic tones as one of my first Daily Paintings posted on this blog. Some of you may remember I started the daily paintings for two reasons: 1. to get more practise with oils 2. to relieve stress. I had turned off the news as the election got very heated and then the stock market went wacko. I think I was on information overload hearing all the bad news. The feelings of anxiety, stress and uncertainty were being compounded by all negative messages from the the media. I found the daily paintings to be relaxing as well as a very good artistic exercise and was reminded that art has value in its positive contribution to our society and personally because it IS stress relieving! I have been painting non stop ever since! 🙂

I have sold some daily paintings at my art studio in Canton or over the Internet thru pay pal by e-mailing me at artbysue@hotmail.com . I have a couple that I decided I wanted to go back to and revisit. So today I used the first ‘daily painting’ as an undercoat and decided to liven this one up. I had fun with colors and turned him into more of a fantasy horse. He kind of reminds me of cotton candy! A carnival horse, maybe?? I think I am going to call this one ‘If Wished Were Horses’. As a horse crazy little girl horses held quite an attraction for me ever since I remember. I can not remember a time in which I was NOT horse crazy! So this is for all the woman, kids and anyone else who still holds dear the magic qualities that horses have over us!

I added some pink tones and brightened up the eyes of my sad little pup in the painting titled ‘Blu 4 U’. I wanted him to have puppy dog eyes but think the addition of some warmth adds some life to him.

To see more animal, wildlife, pet and horse art go to http://www.suesteiner.com

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