• Sue Steiner

Dealing with Excess Baggage in a Relationship

Every relationship brings baggage.  We all know this.  The older you get the more you bring with you.  Sure, you bring good life experiences and knowledge too but when you start a new relationship a big part of it is figuring out if there is more good vs bad.  You go through the giddy, I’m in love stage and then, in time, you separate out the fantasy vs. the reality. 

When you get a horse it is no different.   In the beginning the fantasy of what the horse will be is so strong.  In rescue horses it can be even more so because you get to fill in all the blanks yourself.  What will this horse will become under MY care?  Maybe people turn to animal rescue because they have already learned they can’t change people…. but oh our minds have a field day in thinking what we can make this creature into.  Very little information comes with a rescue horse.  You try to piece it together.  The horse in time will tell you their history.   Thats one thing about horses that you can’t say is true of all people in relationships– horses are always honest. 

When I got Rhythm all I knew was her approx. height, color, sex and a guess at her age and breed.  This is how she was described:  Arab Cross bay mare, approx. 14 yrs. old, 15 H.  I knew also that someone rode her for at least 50 sec on a video. 

The only thing that hasn’t changed at all is her sex.  She is and always has been a mare.

I don’t have a grip with the kill auction rescue people.  They do quick evaluations and estimations.  They see the horse for only a very short amount of time and try to find it a home before the kill buyer gets it.

Rhythm shed out of a very dark bay to a bright bay.  She filled out and muscled up and looks very much a Quarter Horse.  She is barely 14.2 hands I bet…. haven’t really measured her but thats okay.  I like short horses.  My vet thinks she’s 20-ish.  thats okay too cuz age is just a number, right? 

When I first got her I thought since her feet looked good for a rescue, someone must of taken good care of her before the broker got her.  Maybe.  Or maybe she’s got good, hard hooves.

Her mane had a nice sheen to it so I thought someone groomed and fed her well until the broker got her.  Maybe.  Or maybe her coat has a nice nautral luster.

I do know this:  Rhythm has taken everything in stride except: Camera flashes and clicks, bug spray, Show Sheen Spray, seeing a fan in the barn, treats, being caught and being sponged off after a ride. 

My first ‘fantasy’ idea was she was a 4H horse.  But unlikely considering the above. She also was a bucker but fortunately a half hearted one who work thru it pretty easily. 

Now I’m thinking she was a broodmare out on the range!  Who would of NEVER sprayed bug spray on their horse in 20 years?  Or taken their picture.  LOL!  Maybe a cowboy. 

I’m having fun getting to know her.  I’ll accept her ~mysterious~ history and just take her for what is she is now. 

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