• Sue Steiner

Did you lose a goat????

Not many people get asked that by their neighbors. My young Amish neighbors caught a run away goat yesterday and went looking for its owner. So I got asked, did you lose a goat? No, mine is still where I left her! Had to look though, since you never know with goats! We suspect, due to the numbered sticker on its back the goat in question was an escapee from the local livestock auction. With a grin, my neighbors let me know this goat is WILD!

A few months ago my daughter and I brought home a very nice young doe from the auction. Thankfully she is NOT wild! She even went to work with me at Lehman’s Grand Opening in July! She was very well behaved, although she did initiate the place a couple times!

#art #rurallife #animals #pets #paintings #farm



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