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Dogs, Cats and Horse Art

Desert Horse, 9 x 12 oils

Kitty, on my easle, Roughed in Stage

Pet Portrait in Progress… waiting for paint to dry to add warm highlights and detail.

I thought I’d hit the main pet portrait animal groups- Dog, Cat and Horse Art with this posting. I put the final touches on my latest equine art, Desert Horse. I am adding to my current pet portrait and am starting a new cat painting. The kitty looks quite wild at this stage– she’ll tame down a little but she is on the prowl in this painting. Maybe chasing after dust bunnies in the sunshine but none the less ready to pounce!

These are oils on panels. The Desert Horse will go to Wooster for an exhibit in January. The kitty will be on display in Canton for First Friday if it dries in time and the dog will be under the Christmas tree for someone.

Thanks for stopping by!

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