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Donkeys and Miss Kitty mural taking shape….

I am still in the ‘roughed in’ stage of the kitty cat, Miss Kitty. She’s still looking alittle monkey-ish but that will change as I add layers. (You can follow this blog by clicking on the side bar to get regular updates).

From her owner’s description Miss Kitty is quite the Diva of the house. She probably wouldn’t be caught dead setting her prisitne white paws anywhere NEAR those funny looking long eared animals let alone a barn… but their quaint backyard setting wouldn’t be complete without Miss Kitty dominating the ‘lesser’ creatures. I will share with you the setting in which this mural will reside. I am hoping to get it finished by this weekend. The beautiful weather, First Friday at my art studio, my kid’s upteen sports activities, the mowing and my barn time are competing for my attention butI am putting this and the other mural on the top of my ‘to do’ list. I’ve got a 3 cat commissioned portrait next in line to do which has a very short definite deadline due to the fact this will be a wedding present. 🙂 This is the second wedding present I’ve paint in the last month or so. Such an honor to create a special gift for such a special occassion. So I have the blinds drawn so as to not look outside at the beautiful day and I will carry on! Just so you don’t feel bad for me I have reserved this evening for riding time. No sports for the kids tonight- they had a school day out today which is socializing day in which they have fun at parks etc. so new kids to the school can get aqcainted. I really like the idea and love how the school fosters the kid’s relationships.

Okay- enough chatting… time to get back to my easel. Enjoy your day and please stop by my web site or studio if you’ve not seen completed artwork by me.


Sue Steiner

equine and animal art, pet portraits

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