• Sue Steiner

Draft Team, Almost done!

almost done… some final touches to face and minor adjustments and then to sign it and let it dry! This one was fun. What doesn’t show in on the computer screen is the variations in colors within the shadows and the richness of the colors as they meet or blend to form the shape of the muscles and features. I love working with oils because of this. I can be bold with definite brushstrokes but I can be deliberate , delicate and intricate within my areas of focus. I like to have a mix of details and suggestion, realism and abstraction and my goal is to say all I need to in as painterly way as possible so you can look at this and appreciate the realism but see brushstrokes and the texture of the paint. I love photography and I love digital art but I like my paintings to look like paintings where the light catches the paint strokes in different ways and creates that effect that only comes from putting paint brush to canvas! Ahhh, this one was fun. Can you tell I love to do this??? 🙂 Hope you enjoy as well.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sue Steiner

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