• Sue Steiner

Equine Art- draft horses

This team of belgain draft horses is moving along. I really am enjoying the muscling and shading ont these horses. I also realy enjoy the sharp contrast that I am developing between the horse on the rights neck and edge of his face. I like how that shadow will really accentuate his face. The same is true with the horse that is further along on the left. The deep shadow on his neck and shoulder highlight his muscling and the shape of his front end.

I am setting this aside now for the day so I can move on to my elk painting. I intend to bring a burnt seirra glaze over the horse on the left’s shoulder to tie his face in with this part of his body but for this I want the layer of paint down now to be dry. For the most part I have worked wet onto wet but I need to just be patient yet for this next step on him.

To see finished work or to get mroe info on commissioning me to do a pet or horse portrait go to http://www.suesteiner.com/ Thanks for stopping by!

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