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Equine Art ‘Work in Progress’

This is some new equine art I am working on. I am enjoying the richness of the chestnut coat in this horse. I am kind of partial to chestnuts since I have 2 of my own — gotta love those red heads!! 🙂 I finally got a chance to do some riding the past couple weeks and remind my chestnut horses that they are domesticated and not just pretty pasture ornaments! Its nice to be riding again. The watercolor painting above is a ‘work in progress’ which I plan to finish shortly when I am not playing with my own horses! As you can see I still need to do some more work on the tack and background so it shouldn’t be much longer. I am planning on bringing some of my equine art to Lehman’s Local Artisan Festival on July 12th. Stop by and see some of my new work as well as my murals.

To see finished my murals as well as horse and pet portraits go to For more information on how to commission me to paint your horse or pet e-mail me at

Thanks for stopping by!

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