• Sue Steiner

Eternal Youth

We are in what feels like the monsoons of summer now.  We’ve had days upon days of rain to the point I haven’t been able to get in and mow my pasture.  Seriously, it looks like a jungle!! 

I am writing this blog today though to share some good news.  Ever since the weather broke this spring I have been making a point to ride my horses as regularly as I can.  I have to admit I got to a point in the last couple years- with my art business, kids ~mowing grass~ and a young colt I didn’t have much tme to ride.  I decided if I were going to keep going thru winter after winter of frozen buckets, mucking stalls, paying the vet, farrier and my hay guy I was gonna ride!  

I started this spring riding with a bareback pad more often.  A couple of my horses really like it and it is a great way to get your seat back.  The frozen buckets, mucking stalls and stacking hay over the years did my back in.  Riding bareback has been GREAT for my back.  I’ve been feeling more balanced, more secure and have slowly been doing more and more bareback.   I’ve been making progress with the 3 horses I ride and that is very satisfying.  Each one is at a different place with different strengths, weaknesses and different goals.  I am having fun! 

I was very proud today because I cantered bareback.  🙂   So so happy.  I’ve done that before but each year that goes by I feel less able to do what I once did.  Until now.  Now I feel invincible.  I had the wind thru my hair (under the helmet) and I cantered my trusty steed bareback.  I even stayed on thru her not smooth at all transition from bumpy trot to a canter. 

I know now I have found the key to eternal youth (until I fall off).  Surely I am not the only person who fantasizes while riding?  How many of you began riding because of this exhilarating feeling?  Who begged their parents for horseback riding lessons?   I know I did for those moments like I had tonight it completely wipes the slate clean of any worries, (except for falling) heartache or sorrow. 

I highly recommend doing what makes your heart sing.  Those times of pure joy make all the difference when you are up to your eyeballs in frozen buckets and poop ’round about Jan. or Feb.  

And just so you know… I will not be posting photos of me cantering bareback on this blog.  I need to keep my internal fantasy image alive and well.  No need to mar the feeling with how I might actually LOOK.  Regardless it feels wonder–ful!!  Now go and enjoy your bliss! 

Take care! Sue 

PS  the painting above is being sold by e-bay auction or search for artbysuesteiner2010

Thank you!



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