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Etsy Artists Helping Animals

I have recently joined with a group of artists named Etsy Artists For Animals who donate proceeds from the sale of their work to charities. On my web site is a link to my Etsy Shop but here I wanted to tell alittle about my artwork and why I choose this piece to be used as a donation to Happy Trails Farm Santuary. The portrait is of an Amish Buggy Horse. I was drawn to this horses face because of the kind and gentle expression which is so typical of many of the amish buggy and work horses. I thought by donating the proceed of this painting on my etsy shop I can give back thru the Amish Horse Retirement Program that Happy Trails Farm runs.

This program assists Amish families in taking in horses that are no longer able to work in the fields or pull a buggy by finding them a retirement home in which to live out the rest of their days. This also most assuredly saves them from the eventual fate of many, many horse (not just amish horses) from the auction barns.

Thank you for your interest and compassion. Horse rescues are often strained a this time of the yea but this year in particular has been tough for rescues. Hay and gas prices are up and with a tighter economy the donations are even more important.

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