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Even More Abstract Horse Art!

I am on a bit of a roll with lots of new abstract horse art.  Some are palette knife paintings.  Some have an acrylic underpainting with fun things like String Gel Medium which is the consistency of honey and dries clear so I can either use it like that on top of color for a cool effect or add color and drizzle it on the canvas- either way, it is FUN and gives me lots of material to find my ‘hidden horses’ to bring out.

 There is a bit of a gloss finish – but also wet paint.  The colors, with the String Gel, look transparent, which I love. 

This one is small- I usually like working large… but this is 5 x 7 on board.  

40.00 + tax & Shipping

Small Abstract Horse Art Listing on Etsy 

Tons of texture and interesting planes of paint that make this painting hard to photograph but it is vibrant in real life.  There is a silver acrylic underpainting with palette knife oil paint application on top so the colors sparkle!  

8 x 10 on canvas  45.00 + tax & shipping 

Textured Palette Knife Horse Painting Etsy Listing 

This abstract jumping horse painting has cool greys, blues and greens with a pop of robin egg blue and copper.  Palette knife oil paint application over acrylic underpainting.  I loved how the mane and tail came out in this one.  

12 x 24 on board. 85.00 + tax and shipping 

Leaping Abstract Horse Painting Etsy Listing 

Coppery splatters with cool blues and a bit of a bright green and burnt sierra.  

9 x 12 on beveled sided canvas

65.00 + tax and Shipping 

Blue and Green Abstract Horse Painting Etsy Listing 

Jewel tones of Emerald, cobalt blue, jade, turquoise and ultramarine blues applied with a palette knife make this a lively, interesting painting.  At 12 x 36, it fits well in a hallway or entryway.   

175.00 + tax and Shipping 

Large Abstract Horse in Jewel Tones 

I get lots of compliments on this one- surprised it is still available but maybe waiting for you.  🙂 

This one even has a title- Mysteries Revealed

12 x 12 on board,  65.00 + tax and shipping

Etsy Listing 

This one is larger at 18 x 24 on deep canvas wrapped canvas.  The bronze splashes go well with the raw umber and bluish greys- would look great in a variety of color schemes.  Large enough to be impressive but not overpowering.  

Etsy Listing 

Thank you as always for stopping by and sharing my artwork on social media.  It is very much appreciated!  

And just so you don’t forget I do pet portraits, here are some recent work of mine.  

Happy Trails!

Sue Steiner

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