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Expanding My Horizon

equine art by Sue Steiner,Sunbathed oil painting

I am going to an Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) demo this Friday at Wager’s . Way Farm http://www.wagersway.com/  I’ve been communicating with Ginny Telego, the President and Equine Specialist of the program.  The program is, an equine experiential educational program for personal development and team building.  People can learn more about themselves through these experiences because the interaction between people and horses help to bring out the group dynamics in a way that can be experienced in a non-threatening way to give immediate feedback.  We learn to feel how this change feels in our body and mind and then see concrete reactions in the horses.   It is really a fascinating subject.

Wager’s Way offers team building for corporate development and has this to say from their web site:

Wager’s Way began as a dream in 1995, when Ginny Telego realized that horses could have a profound effect on people’s lives.  After many years of training to hone Equine Experiential Education skills, Ginny assembled a team of co-facilitators — both horse and human —  and found the perfect place to launch a venture aimed at guiding people through seismic journeys of self-discovery.  Wager’s Way became a reality in 2009.

Wager’s Way now offers programs for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions.

 .   I am looking forward to the demo.

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